Tilt World

Tilt World (2018 – present) is an immersive, audience participatory performance with four dancers, two Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, and projections created through the live performance use of Google’s 3D-painting virtual-reality program, Tilt Brush. Investigating the intersections of Virtual Reality and physicality, Tilt World  questions “What is real?” and “Who is in control?”

What happens to the physical body inside a virtual world?

Photo of Norah Zuniga-Shaw and Maggie Schmieglow by Dan Shellenbarger

When using Tilt Brush, you cannot see your body, hands, or feet. How does this absent body affect perception of the body in reality and the movement of that body?

Photo of Emily Craver and Laura Patterson by Dan Shellenbarger

In VR the ghost of effort creates different sensations in the body because there are no physical objects to interact with. How does the interruption of partnering, lifting and running effect the immersed by grounding them in two worlds at the same time?

Photo of KJ Dye, Maggie Schmieglow, Michelle Sipes, Emily Craver, Tara Burns, and Norah Zuniga-Shaw by Dan Shellenbarger

In a non-virtual space, if you run across an open space with your eyes closed, you have a natural hesitation. If you run across an open space in VR, this hesitation is diminished. How does the visual absence of the physical world and immersion in the virtual world affect the dancer’s sense of risk?

Drawing Glitter
Photo of KJ Dye, Tara Burns, and Keith Welch by Norah Zuniga-Shaw
Photo of LROD and Tara Burns by Dan Shellenbarger
Photo of Josh Anderson, Dian Jing, and Tara Burns pulled from a video shot by Emily Craver

Photos above are from three different iterations of Tilt World in ACCAD’s Motion Lab at The Ohio State University.

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