Jo & Doozy

Two fantastical creatures share an intimate event that prompts an unexpected relationship through dance. Created with Motionbuilder.

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Music in the clip is by Pictures of the Floating World. This project used motion data from ACCAD’s database, Mixamo, and Motionbuilder PrevisMoves. Created for Motion Capture Production and Experimentation taught by Vita Berezina-Blackburn.

Tilt World

Tilt World (2018 – present) is an immersive, audience participatory performance with four dancers, two Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, and projections created through the live performance use of Google’s 3D-painting virtual-reality program, Tilt Brush. Investigating the intersections of Virtual Reality and physicality, Tilt World  questions “What is real?” and “Who is in control?”

What happens to the physical body inside a virtual world?

Photo of Norah Zuniga-Shaw and Maggie Schmieglow by Dan Shellenbarger

When using Tilt Brush, you cannot see your body, hands, or feet. How does this absent body affect perception of the body in reality and the movement of that body?

Photo of Emily Craver and Laura Patterson by Dan Shellenbarger

In VR the ghost of effort creates different sensations in the body because there are no physical objects to interact with. How does the interruption of partnering, lifting and running effect the immersed by grounding them in two worlds at the same time?

Photo of KJ Dye, Maggie Schmieglow, Michelle Sipes, Emily Craver, Tara Burns, and Norah Zuniga-Shaw by Dan Shellenbarger

In a non-virtual space, if you run across an open space with your eyes closed, you have a natural hesitation. If you run across an open space in VR, this hesitation is diminished. How does the visual absence of the physical world and immersion in the virtual world affect the dancer’s sense of risk?

Drawing Glitter
Photo of KJ Dye, Tara Burns, and Keith Welch by Norah Zuniga-Shaw
Photo of LROD and Tara Burns by Dan Shellenbarger
Photo of Josh Anderson, Dian Jing, and Tara Burns pulled from a video shot by Emily Craver

Photos above are from three different iterations of Tilt World in ACCAD’s Motion Lab at The Ohio State University.

Adele Myers and Dancers 2006 – 2018

Dancer/performer, company manager, and web/print designer for Adele Myers and Dancers from 2006 – 2018.

Burns in Adele Myers and Dancers “The Dancing Room” The Quick CPA (2016)


Burns performing in AMD’s “The Dancing Room” The Yard, Martha’s Vineyard, 2017

The Dancing Room (excerpt)




Burns in AMD’s “Einstein’s Happiest Thought” American Dance Festival, NC

“Einstein’s Happiest Thought” (promo)



Burns performing in AMD’s “Theater in the Head” Vermont Performance Lab 2011

Theater in the Head (excerpt)


A Dream Project

Photo of Rashan, Emma, Ryan, Natasha, Ja’maya, and Ingrid by Paul Duda

A Symbol of Me (A Dream Project) was developed with the students of ACES Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, CT. The nine performers and co-creators, grades 9 – 12, built an atmosphere of interest, agency, and trust. At the beginning of the work, the students crossed the four-sided stage and individually gave each person in the front row a piece of fabric with words ranging from “reach” to “dinosaur.” Alternating between movement sequences, the students took turns threading the fabric swatches onto a thin elastic that eventually completed the perimeter of the audience. Once the both ends of the elastic met, they were connected and pulled away from the audience and used by the performers. This co-collaborative process, both in performance and in the making of the work, generated material from the dancers personal goals and aspirations resulting in 11-minutes of attention and visibility.

Photo of Ja’Maya Perkins by Paul Duda
Photo of Emma by Paul Duda
Photos of Kyneijee Wubah and Rashan by Paul Duda

Photos by Paul Duda. Lighting by Seth Harris. Educational Center for the Arts Department Chair Mariane Banar-Fountain.

March 2017 – Educational Center for the Arts
May 2017 – String Theory—a version of the work—was performed with the students of Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT in 2017.

The Making of Statues

A 30-minute multimedia performance with five dancers, The Making of Statues is a metaphoric coming of age, depicting five goddesses on their way to immortalization. Playful slides, hops, and reaches amidst wistful glances at the stars build into rebellious attempts at running and climbing and resolve in flexed and angular unison movement. Hands clenching into fists reaching for the swords at their sides represent a unified feminine war cry. Their fate in history is sealed whether constellations or statues.

Photo of Diana Deaver by Steven Schreiber
Photo of Robin Neveu Brown by Steven Schreiber
Photo of Julie Bordonaro, Robin Neveu Brown, and Tara Lee Burns by Steven Schreiber
Photo of Robin Neveu Brown by Steven Schreiber

(Excerpt) WAXworks, NYC, Oct 2010
(Excerpt), Soundance Theater, NYC, May 2010
(Excerpt), HATCH, NYC, Apr 2010
Self-produced in 2010 in Red Bean Studios, NYC.
Presented in 2011 by Greenspace, NYC.

The Soil Project

The Soil Project combines a website installation and live performance. Photographs and film of Robin Neveu Brown accompany a live performance. A duet steps and searches for footing on the moving surface of each other’s bodies. In film and photo, Brown’s hyper-slow, sparse movements accent her shivering body, caked in black, moist, dirt.





Footage derived from The Field’s Artward Bound Residency, Nov 2011. Presented at A.I.R First Saturdays, NYC, 2012 and The Field’s Artward Bound Residency, 2011. Photographs and film by Tara Lee Burns of Robin Neveu Brown.