What does society do when it is made to slow down?


Each day has brought a new development in the spreading of COVID-19. As I am developing my online classes for Yoga and Ballet for the rest of the semester at Ohio State University, I find it difficult to concentrate. Not because I have two beautiful girls (4 and 7) asking for yogurt every five minutes, but because I’m disappointed and sad, and a little because of the yogurt thing.

After our first spring break, I’m already missing the graduate student cohorts that dwell in our OSU Department of Dance and as we prepare for virtual classes I’m missing my students and the normalcy that I had just begun to find in our semester. It takes me a while sometimes. Now, we all begin to find our new normal. What will that look like? What does a society do when it is told to stay in and distance ourselves? Ways of resilience are now a necessity. Ohio has told all restaurants to close their doors, thankfully delivery and pick up are still available for some. My girls are school-less, possibly til the end of the year and everyone is walking around with an energy akin to holding your breath. I’m now tasked with teaching my child, virtually teaching my classes, and virtually taking classes through the rest of the year that were primarily lab and community-based.

What does a society do once it is told to slow down? I’ve already begun taking control of what I can. I am both happy for some semblance of schedule and exhausted by the level I have to keep it together for the girls. I am required, although I have a hard time focusing on it, to upload new syllabus, learning goals, and grade book for my now online movement courses. I’m thankful for various apps and Youtube providers that already have movement online for me to share with my students. I’m thankful to my cohort for the ongoing texts. I’m thankful for Instagram and Facebook that make me feel more connected to the world. I am grateful for the extra time with my kids, although way too much time, I think they are grateful for this too. I look forward to classes starting and information for my 7-year-olds school to find out what is recommended for her future education. I look forward to seeing and feeling what this means for all of us.

What do you look forward to?

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